Driving Efficiency Through Technology

Our IT services work for your business. Allowing you to focus on your clients.

Some Stats

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Securing Your Data
Is Our Business.

The availability and security of your businesses data is extremely important. Without your data how do you know who your customers are? How can you continue to provide them great service? Let us help you ensure your data is safe.

Business Only IT services

Put your IT in safe hands, with Mimesis IT.

Our services are designed to allow you to have a hands-off approach to IT within your business. Leaving you free to focus on your clients.

IT Support

Managed IT support packages tailored to fit your needs and budget with a fixed monthly fee. From somewhere to fall back on to a full IT department.


Every customer has a time where they need to pick up the phone to talk directly to a person who can help them. Let us provide a resilient voice solution for your business.


The internet. Your business relies on it to be efficient, whether it’s to get your latest order or to communicate with a customer about an issue they have encountered.

Web Hosting

We’ll host your website for you. We’ll also take care of your websites WordPress security updates and backups too. Keeping your brands reputation intact.

IT Security

Your business relies on its data, with GDPR regulation adding extra financial risk to your business you can’t afford to leave your data’s security to chance.


We deliver the best IT advice for your business. We believe that a technological solution to a tedious business process drives efficiency and reduces your businesses costs.

What our clients say

Customer Reviews

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

"...We're really pleased with the services provided by Ashley and Mimesis IT..."
Dr Ronak osman
Face Dental Practice

Why are we different

Why Chose Mimesis IT?

There are a lot of IT support companies out there. We’re different, we want to be your trusted adviser for anything IT.

Full Service

We offer a complete solution stack that fits perfectly to small and medium size businesses. Whether that’s simply computer support or a fully inclusive package including connectivity and  telephony.

Just for Business

We just offer technical support to business customers. Our network is also business only. You have our 100% commitment, you can trust Mimesis IT has your business interests at heart.

Holistic Approach

We’ll never just treat the symptoms of your IT issues. We’ll always look to fix the root cause, even where this is a business process. We want to drive efficiency within your business. 


We're Dedicated

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We're Here to Help

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How Managed Services Help Your Business?

  • How to once again focus on core business operations with a managed service provider monitoring and securing your network.

  • The advantage of breaking away from a sure-to-stay-small break/fix mentality with the support of a team of experts helping you accelerate growth.

  • The benefit of having access to the expertise, best practices and world-class tools and technologies offered by managed service providers

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